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Birds For Sale
Redshank (attrib. Rowland Ward)
Nightjars by Waters Bramblings by Farren
  Hen Harrier by Lockwood
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Snipe by Cullingford Green Woodpeckers by White
Pair of Phalaropes Barnacle Goose by Rowland Ward
Female Pintail Tawny Owl by Rowland Ward
Kiwis & Tui Snipe under a Dome
Mixed Case by Mountney Corncrake
Shelduck and Teal by Peter Spicer Jay by Shopland
Peregrines by Bishhopp Capercaille by Swaysland
Pertridges by Petherick Magpie attributed to Mountney
Little Auk in a Dome by Lowne Great Northern Diver by Henry Shaw
White Pheasant by Rowland Ward Barn Owl by Yeoman
Sparrowhawks by Millichamp Eider, Redshank etc by Jackson
Widgeon by Peter Spicer Sandpipers by Gardner
Quail by Gardner Kingfisher by Allen
Pink-Billed Teal by Rowland Ward Green Woodpecker by Rowe
Tawny Owl by Allen Crow by Gardner
Golden Plover by White Canary by Murray
Peregrine McCleay Rough-Legged and Common Buzzard by Gunn