British Historic Taxidermy Data Bank



This page will redirect you to the sister site of this one. It constitutes the only significant Internet resource for images and information on historic taxidermy (currently hosting over 5000 images, together with pages for each of the historical taxidermists of any distinction).

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What is the Taxidermy Data Bank? It is simply a virtual scapbook dedicated to (mostly) historic British taxidermy. The geographical exceptions are pages devoted in the main to National Museums of other countries. The non-historic pages display the work of some of the more skilled taxidermists currently working in the UK.

The British Historical Taxidermy Data Bank has been put together purely as a hobby, not for any commercial gain and is provided as a free reource. Necessarily with the breadth of coverage, compiled with limited time and resources, errors will exist. However, I am confident that where they do exist they arise solely from accident or oversight.

I hope you enjoy the Data Bank and return to this site many times in the future.